Our experience with The Dog Wizard in Charlotte was nothing short of amazing. We shopped around at a few different places, but I am so thankful we chose them! Our husky, Jade, had just turned one and was full of energy that was expressed in all the wrong ways. Family members even joked that she might be deaf because of how obviously she ignored everything you would tell her. We dropped her for two weeks and when we picked her up, I was absolutely shocked. My dog who once did not respond to her own name, used to jump all over me when I walked in the door and walk freely wherever she pleased just remained sitting when I walked in the room. I hadn't seen her in two whole weeks and as excited as she was (ears back, tail wagging) she never came off of her "place" until the trainer told her it was okay!

That was one year ago and things have not changed. Jade now roams our yard with no leash and comes back when called. She sleeps in a crate, which she actually loves! She doesn't think twice when told to sit, lay down, or come. It is truly a miracle. We can now enjoy bringing her to outdoor restaurants and others' homes without worrying.

I can't say enough about the trainers at DW. One other thing that really stuck with me was that these dogs REALLY respect this discipline. Jade spent two weeks listening to these trainers tell her what to do, but when they came for the check-in visit a few weeks after we brought her home, Jade ran towards the trainers with her ears back and her tail wagging! She had missed them so much. She LOVES them and even recognizes the DW vans. Melanie watches Jade about once a month when we are away and when she comes to pick her up, Jade greets her with excited kisses and then runs straight to her car :)

We are forever thankful for the skillful DW trainers!!!

-Rebecca C. 

First off...Melanie is amazing! She is an absolutely amazing trainer! The gift she has given our family with our dog, Bella, being part of the family instead of always staying at home is really priceless.

I'll start from the beginning though. Bella is 8 years old and had many issues with door scratching, barking, squeaking, whining, separation anxiety, nervousness, didn't like new people, aggression at other dogs, snapping at her now crawling sister...the list was long. We went through the eval with Melanie and had such a connection... I knew I wanted her to be our trainer. The 2 weeks with Bella away was rough but Melanie sent me updates, pictures, called and answered all my questions. Bella returned such a well behaved dog and honestly so much happier...she had purpose and works to make us happy. She is part of our lives. When people would come over before she would have to be sent to another room due to barking, nervousness, etc. Now she is with everyone and interacts so well and it return gets attention and treats. If you are contemplating...go for it! Your dog will be part of your life instead of just at home. You can take them places...in the car, to parks, on walks, on vacation, to dinner. It really doesn't stop after the 2 weeks either, The Dog Wizard family is always there for you. Now a month later, Melanie still answers my questions and helps when we are having any issues or need support. If you are worried that your dog won't have fun or be too structured...it's not the case. Bella has structure but still enjoys a fun game of fetch. I am so happy we made the decision to become part of The Dog Wizard family and have Melanie train Bella. My only regret...we didn't do it sooner!

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-Erika W.

My husband and I adopted our sweet border collie mix Rosalie almost a year ago. We quickly discovered that she was extremely fearful of many things, including (but certainly not limited to) new situations and sudden noises. Her fear was so extreme that she refused to go on walks anywhere. Over the course of 10 months, we tried everything we could think of to help calm her fears and build her confidence, but nothing seemed to work. Because of her lack of physical exercise, she began to become frustrated, barking uncontrollably at night and destructively sprinting around our living room. We were also frustrated, as we wanted more than anything to take her out in public and on walks. After speaking to a few friends, we finally agreed to put her in the Home Front program at the Dog Wizard. Although we missed her terribly for the two weeks she was away, she came back last Wednesday happier and more confident than I could have ever imagined. She is now walking with us wherever we go, which feels like a miracle, as, again, she hadn't come with us on a walk in almost a year. Melanie, her trainer, has been AMAZING, and Rosalie absolutely loves her. She has been so helpful and has ultimately helped improve Rosalie's and our quality of life. We couldn't be more thankful to her and to everyone at the Dog Wizard.

-Amy C.

Melanie at the Dog Wizard is fantastic. She listened to what we wanted and tailored her training to our needs. My sweet puppy came home with the ability to listen to and follow commands. I highly recommend the DOG WIAZRD!

-Sally D.

We Love the Dog Wizard! For a year we did nothing but walk our dog up and down the street in front of our house. We were always worried about Otis seeing other dogs and reacting where we could not control him. After his 18 day stay and working with his trainer Melanie he came home a new dog. We can now take long walks with Otis with confidence. Working with Melanie was wonderful!

-Trish D.

Sophie was an overnight student at the Dog Wizard while we were on vacation, and Melanie did fabulous things with Sophie. She came home a different dog -- still the happy people loving Lab but without the jumping and pulling that she had used before to show her affection. Melanie took her great places to socialize the training including hiking at Crowder's Mountain. I think Sophie had as good a "vacation" as we did. Melanie posted updates on Facebook everyday so we knew Sophie was having a good time and learning a lot too. We are so pleased with our Dog Wizard experience.

-Jennifer B.

Melanie our trainer from Dog Wizard was amazing with our two labs Piper and Scout. Our lives have completely changed since they have gotten home from training. It's so nice to be able to walk them in the neighborhood and not be pulled, as well as take them out and about with us and them not show out or pitch a fit at other dogs and people. A lady at Lowes today commented on how well behaved they were. Before Dog Wizard going out in public with them was near impossible, and everybody knew we were there. Yes, we were "that family". Thank you Dog Wizard for turning that around. We are so happy!

-Piper and Scout

These people are amazing. I was concerned about the idea of leaving my babies with people I didnt really know, but they looked after and cared for my dogs just like I do. They are very active on Facebook, sharing pictures and videos of what your dog is up to. Melanie, our trainer, has been nothing but amazing. My chihuahua has a traumatic past, and she has been so gentle with him I couldnt ask for more. There is a constant flow of communication that has helped us with keeping up with their training now that they are home, and the same can be said for the updates we got when they were still in the training program. My dogs are doing great, and so is my family now that they are able to go more places now! Great people, 1000% recommend.

-Lisa M.

Melanie at DW, our dog trainer, is the epitome of the BEST Dog Trainer ever!! Our dog completed the 2-week boarding program & like promised, Melanie has been there for him (& us) ever since. This has been especially vital over the past year with introducing our little baby girl to a dog who was once very "iffy" with new people, dogs, etc. We are so grateful for Melanie's dedication & hard-work for our dog and, in turn our family.

-Bridgett Z.

We would highly recommend..even though it's a bit costly- it's totally worth every dollar! We choose the Home Front program (where your dog gets to stay with their trainer 24/7) and were extremely pleased with all the work Melanie put in- we barely recognized our dog when she came back home. Before training we could barely walk our dog around the neighborhood between all the distractions and her leash pulling but now she doesn't even need her leash. Melanie did a great job of keeping us up to date on her progress with tons of daily pictures and videos which was extremely comforting as well.

-Lauren S.

We rescued our 1 year old chihuahua-mix Sasha from the animal shelter in December. In the first week we began to see concerning behavior with her. Sasha would constantly bark and snap at all visitors, human and canine. She was quite aggressive towards food and our other two dogs. She whined in her crate all night long and would constantly try to attack our cats. Overall, it quickly became clear to my wife and I that Sasha had significant behavioral issues, and we felt that something more than a one hour per week training program was needed to help her.

When my wife suggested The Dog Wizard, I was skeptical. First, I worried that if she was trained by someone else while we weren’t there Sasha would learn to obey them and not us. Second, it seemed very expensive for dog training based on the results we’ve seen from other training programs. Boy, was I wrong. It just goes to show that you get what you pay for. After The Dog Wizard did an evaluation, they determined that Sasha lacked confidence and her behavior was due to being afraid.  We chose the Easy Does It Program for Sasha. Sasha was at The Dog Wizard for two weeks, during which her trainer Melanie sent email updates, frequent photos, videos, Facebook updates, and phone calls of her progress. Melanie is a wonderful trainer. She clearly explained and demonstrated Sasha’s new commands and was extremely patient in answering our questions, visiting our home a few times after the formal training had ended. She even took Sasha into her own home for a period during her training due to a snowstorm that shut the city down. This was above and beyond what we had expected. She clearly loves what she does and handled Sasha as if she were her own, which was very comforting.

When she returned home from the two week training program, Sasha’s behavior did a 180. Her reaction to people is completely different now. She shows excitement toward new people with a happy rear-end wiggle, rather than a bark and a snarl. Sasha listens and responds to my wife and I, sitting quiet and still while the cats walk by or eat their food. Learning the commands has given her confidence so she is not instantly scared of everything and everyone anymore. We cannot thank Melanie and The Dog Wizard enough for the help they provided to us and Sasha.


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