Below is an overview of our training programs. The way to gather the most informative information about our different programs is to set up the free evaluation. During the evaluation, we will ask a bunch of questions about your dog, you can ask us a bunch of questions about programs and techniques, and then together we will determine the best program to reach your goals.


This class is open to puppies under 6 months of age and is taught in a group setting. We cover basic commands, housebreaking, play-biting, proper crate training, dog socialization, human socialization, object socialization, and health and safety. It is super fun class that your puppy will LOVE!


Private programs are meant for clients that prefer to meet on a weekly basis one on one. We meet on a weekly basis for each lesson, and the client will practice what they learn over the next week. The owner plays the biggest role in this program being successful. Clients that sign up for private programs have the time to put in the work required for their dog to be successful. We offer programs that range anywhere from a couple lessons to learn how to walk on a leash, to full multiple week programs to achieve full off leash reliability. We offer private programs for both adult dogs and puppies.


Board and train programs entail us keeping your dog for a period of time and teaching the dog the new commands and behaviors, and then we teach the owners how to communicate with the dog with the same success we will have had. Essentially, it is as if you send your dog to language camp, we teach your dog the new language and structure, and then we teach the owners how to use the same language and structure to be successful. Typical boarding programs can last anywhere from 7-18 days, depending on the program and goals. Programs range from basic leash skills to full off leash reliability. We offer boarding programs for both adult dogs and puppies.


Our objective is the new behaviors we teach will last forever (not just a few months). Of course you, as the owner, play an important role in the success of the training. Therefore, many of our programs offer unlimited access to our group class that meets once a week. This gives you the chance to stay on top of your dogs training, as well as have access to the trainers to ask questions or any problems you need help answering or working through. It is a bonus for us because we get to continue to see our training dogs periodically, which of course we love!