Puppy class is a lot like breakfast: the most important meal of the day. Starting a puppy off right at the beginning of life is like giving your puppy the roadmap to success with the fastest route already highlighted. We can prevent so many behavioral problems that we see in older dogs, and when we say “older” we are talking about as “old” as one year old. Bad habits can form quickly. So please do your puppy the best favor you can, and sign up for puppy class or a private program.



Obedience to a dog means structure. Structure is very helpful for dogs to truly comprehend what is expected, so they can be the pleasers and companions we want them to be. Obedience also means freedom for dogs because the more you trust them; the more they get to do. So whether you just need help putting the fun back in walking your dog, or total off leash reliability, we can help you achieve it.



Problem solving for owners is behavioral modification for dogs. If your dog is doing something you don’t like, such as chewing, barking, digging, jumping to name a few, there is generally a reason. So our job is to uncover the why, and show you how to turn that bad behavior into a positive one. Click here to read some common behaviors and why your dog may be doing it. However, some dogs have practiced a bad behavior for so long the underlying “why” is no longer linked, which means it has become an ingrained habit (something your dog does without conscious thought). For these dogs, the “why” is really no longer important, it is more about creating a new habit all together.


Owning a dog that has dog or human aggression can be scary and stressful. But what a lot of owners don’t realize is, it is just as scary and stressful on the dog. The deep underlying root of almost all aggression is negative experiences, frustration, fear, or lack of socialization. Sometimes it is a combination of these things, creating an even more complex issue. In all cases of aggression, we begin by determining the “root” and why your dog is behaving aggressively, and then we work to change the association through structure, confidence building, and positive association. Every aggressive case is different, and accurate expectations and goals can be set on your evaluation.


We love working with rescue or shelter dogs. Many times their backgrounds are unknown, making the “why” behind behavioral problems a little more challenging to determine. We typically see two types of rescue dogs: the hyper and energized ones who are ecstatic to experience the world at 100 miles per hour. And the nervous and scared dogs that are scared of the world and all that’s in it. Although different outcomes, both these type of dogs are a result of lack of socialization and access to the ways of the world – everything new is either ultra exciting or extra scary. However, dogs are truly resilient, meaning most of their behavioral problems can be resolved easily with a lot of confidence building and clear structure.


Separation Anxiety is a common issue, and it is one that will rarely solve itself. For a number of various reasons, these dogs never learned how to be alone. They are dependent on another being to feel safe and secure, and when that being is not present, they destroy, howl, chew, pace, pant, defecate, and/or escape. Some owners have become prisoners to their dogs and can’t even go out to dinner. This can be very stressful on the owners and dogs, but through structure, confidence building, and changing their negative association of being alone into a positive one, we can offer some welcomed alleviation for both the owner and dog.


If you are anxiously awaiting a new baby and have the added stress of not knowing how your dog will react to the new family member, then this class is for you. Although it’s never too late, we recommend attending this class in your first or second trimester to allow plenty of time to start practicing the exercises we recommend. Whether this is your first baby or your dog’s first baby, we can help the new arrival be a smooth transition. This class is for advice and recommendations you can start practicing with your dog immediately to prepare for the baby, as well as what to expect once the baby arrives. You do not bring your actual dog to the class. We will demonstrate with our dogs the techniques and exercises to practice with yours. We will provide and demonstrate a clear plan of how to prepare.


The therapeutic value of dogs is undisputed in everyday life, which is why lending this energy to brighten the lives of those who are sick, elderly, or troubled in some way can be such a rewarding experience. However, not every dog is suited for therapy work. Our therapy prep class can help you either prepare for the certification test, or help determine if your dog is a candidate for therapy work before heading down the certification road. We do not offer the actual certification. The purpose of our class is to help prepare those who are aiming for a therapy certification with their dog.


We have several other fun classes that we teach periodically to help keep the dogs’ minds mentally challenged:

Tricks Class: teach your dog things like bow or wave.
Scent Class: teach your dog something handy, like find your keys.
Agility Class: teach your dog to climb, jump, weave to name a few.