In Just 18 Days, Your Dog Can Become More Calm,
Happy and Obedient… Without Losing Its Unique Personality.

By Melanie Perry, The Dog Wizard of Gastonia & Licensed Dog Trainer

If your dog:
  • Doesn’t listen to your commands
  • Can’t be left alone without destroying things
  • Pulls when on-leash
  • Is aggressive with other dogs or people
  • Is neurotic or anxious

I have a proven solution to help!

To My Fellow Dog Person,

Ever get so frustrated with your pet you wanna scream? (Or maybe you actually do!)

Then you’ll definitely want to read this story about Scooter.

Scooter was cute as heck but was your stereotypical “bad dog.” He never listened, seemed to hate people at random (especially visitors) and gnawed through furniture every time he was left alone.
Scooter’s family loved him unconditionally. But that just made it all the more frustrating.

The family read the popular dog books. Tried strategies they learned off YouTube. They even attended weekly classes at the local pet store.

But nothing worked! They had invested endless hours and hundreds of dollars and all it brought them was more frustration and defeat.

The sad truth is lots of dog owners have just come to terms with the fact that their dog stays at the house except for an occasion walk.

Then the poor dog just ends up more and more neurotic, feels abandoned, and lives the life of a captive.

When I met Sarah, Scooter’s owner, she was on her last shred of patience.

Scooter’s misbehaving was affecting her marriage. She couldn’t go on vacation. She couldn’t even stay out late with friends. My heart went out to her… and her furry friend.

“Wait… Is This Really OUR Dog?”


After just 10 days of leaving Scooter with me, we had made incredible progress. 

Sarah had to confirm with her husband that they dog they were seeing in the video was actually Scooter! (I send my clients video updates every day so they can see how their dog is improving.)

When the new-and-improved Scooter returned to his family, it was like night and day.

No more barking.

No more anxiety.

And best of all, no more stress and frustration for the family.

The training transferred flawlessly – he wasn’t only a “good dog” for me. His bad habits had truly changed. All in a couple weeks! 

And of course Scooter kept his goofy personality that made him so lovable in the first place, and now Scooter can go with the family on vacation, stay home alone without worry, and make new friends (dog AND human) without a hint of aggression.

What Makes My Approach So Successful While
So Many Other Trainers Fail?

It’s actually quite common for me to be the second or third trainer a dog owner has tried.
I’ve been a dog owner for 30 years and a professional trainer for 8. Here are the 4 “secrets to my success:”

1. I change the dog, not just the behavior.

There are A LOT of trainers out there who don’t get this right. A dog can be punished into submission, but it will just cause different kinds of problems down the road.
For example, giving your dog a swat on the butt every time he barks might stop the barking, but won’t erase the anxiety that causes it. In fact, he’ll probably get more anxious.
Instead, I teach dogs to be mentally calm by introducing them to new rules about how the world works. This takes consistency and structure, but can be achieved in a matter of weeks when done correctly – not months or years like some less effective sources might tell you.

2. I truly understand dog communication.

If your dog ran off into the hills tomorrow to join a wild dog pack, how would he communicate with them? How would the new pack communicate back? Understanding how dogs think and communicate is key to effective training.

Now, I don’t get down on all fours and growl or anything weird like that. But I use the same nonverbal commands dog use with each other – concepts like spatial pressure, eye contact and consistency – and the dog quickly understands the message I’m trying to get across.

3. I train you, as well as the dog.

Dogs, just like people, are shaped by their environments. There are certain things you’re probably doing without even realizing it that are making your dog act out. All it takes is one time meeting your dog and I’m sure to give you some “Aha!” moments that you’ve never realized before.

If you want your dog’s behaviors to change, yours will have to change, too. The good news: you probably only have to make a few small tweaks for BIG changes in your pup!

4. I'm a HUGE dog person.

I totally get your hesitance about bringing a stranger into your dog’s life. That’s why I treat every dog as if it’s my own. When your dog’s with me, he’s family.

Like when it was freezing cold last winter and I took all the dogs out of the kennel home with me.

Or when I help extra problematic dogs past their training date for free because I genuinely want to see progress. It just doesn’t feel right returning a dog who is on the verge of a breakthrough.

When you see the dog as an individual you’re helping, not just a task to work on, you see progress faster and have more fun doing it!

Ok Melanie, Sounds Good So Far, What’s Next?

If you’re ready to see real, honest improvements in your dog, I’d love to help you out with a FREE evaluation.

Usually it only takes a few minutes with a dog and its owner to get a really solid diagnosis about what a dog needs to improve its behavior.

(And of course you’ll get some “Aha!” moments too.)

You can take my advice and put it to use yourself, or even hire someone else to do it if you want.

After working personally with over 400 dogs and having an almost perfect satisfaction rate, I’d love to give you and your dog the help y’all need to get back on track.


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Whether it’s biting, barking, anxiety or aggression, I don’t want you to suffer through another day of frustration.
Because it breaks my heart to see a dog and his family struggle and do nothing!

Melanie and Rex, one of her recent graduates

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but…

The sad truth is that a big number of folks will see this page, know they need help, “think about it,” then lose focus and return to normal life while their dog’s behavior gets worse and worse.

I see people in this situation everywhere… at the dog park, on the sidewalk, in their own front yards. Here are 3 ways these people will continue to lose patience, get frustrated, and have an inconvenient life because of their pet:

1. Their dog becomes the enemy. As years go by with negative behavior, it gets harder and harder to separate the dog from its problems. Soon the dog IS its problems. People fall out of love with their pet. At the end of their rope, people start wishing they never got a dog at all…

2. It affects their human relationships. I’ve had people tell me that dog training has saved their marriage. Without help, many dog owners can’t entertain company or even have a single person over without the dog going into Code Red attack mode.

3. Out of everyone, the dog suffers most. Anxiety isn’t fun. Getting yelled at and not understanding why isn’t fun. Being shunned by the people you love most in the world is confusing and miserable. All a dog wants is love. And your dog truly wants to make you happy – it just doesn’t quite understand the rules yet!

All it takes is one step in the right direction to correct all of these problems and turn your dog into the loving, calm companion you know he can be!

Click the button below and we’ll arrange a meetup in your own front yard.

I’ll give you my best advice for your dog, absolutely free. :)

"Melanie at the Dog Wizard is fantastic. She listened to what we wanted and tailored her training to our needs.
My sweet puppy came home with the ability to listen to and follow commands. I highly recommend the DOG WIZARD!"
-Sally D.
Still on the fence? Read what other dog owners have said about working with me by clicking here. :)
Melanie Perry
The Dog Wizard of Gastonia


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