How To Turn Your Frustrating Hell Hound Into A Perfectly Trained Angel, While Still Keeping His Unique Personality 

✔ 500+ Dogs Helped
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Most dog owners don't realize they are giving their dogs little signals that are enforcing bad behavior. 
In just 18 days, we can reverse the bad behaviors, erase your frustrations, and give you the structure you need so you and your pup can live happily ever after.

We’ll teach your dog to be:


Whether it’s certain types of people, strangers, or other dogs, we can take help your dog feel comfortable around anything (or anyone) that’s causing you issues.


Anxiety and fear show in many ways: barking and property destruction are just a few. No matter how crazy your dog may be today, we can teach your dog to be relaxed in every situation.


We’ll teach your dog to listen to you and obey on first command, regardless of the distractions and impulses that pop up in everyday life.


We eliminate the negative feelings behind the problem behavior to help your dog on the deepest level. And through it all, your dog will keep the unique personality you fell in love with.

"Like Night and Day..."

“Our dog Sasha was at The Dog Wizard for two weeks, during which her trainer Melanie sent email updates, frequent photos, videos, Facebook updates, and phone calls of her progress. Melanie is a wonderful trainer. She clearly explained and demonstrated Sasha’s new commands and was extremely patient in answering our questions, visiting our home a few times after the formal training had ended.”
“She even took Sasha into her own home for a period during her training due to a snowstorm that shut the city down. This was above and beyond what we had expected. She clearly loves what she does and handled Sasha as if she were her own, which was very comforting.”

-Brian W.

Meet Your Trainer

Melanie Perry, Dog Wizard of Gastonia, At Your Service! 
Melanie has been working with dogs for 15 years and has had her own dog training business for 5. With a calm, friendly attentiveness, she is able to command dogs to respect her and listen – usually in the very first session.
From dangerously aggressive dogs to scatter-brained, impulsive barkers, Melanie has seen it all and almost always drastically improves the behavior of any dog she works with.
With structure, consistency, and an unconditional love for dogs, Melanie couldn’t picture herself in any other career!
Here's a live test of Melanie's dog training in action:


“Kona was enrolled in the boarding program. On her 5th day in the program our trainer uploaded a video on Facebook of Kona walking around in the pack of their training dogs. She was calm and curious of the other dogs. No barking, no pulling on her leash. It was amazing. My wife and I had to watch the video about ten times before we could believe this was really our Kona.”
-Timothy R.

Your dog's bad behaviors CAN be fixed... quickly, easily, and affordably.

I'd love to show you the solution you've been looking for!

You're Probably Wondering...

Will my dog keep his unique personality after training?

Many dog owners are worried their dog will become an obedience “robot.” That won’t happen with us! At the end of training, your dog will be the same pup you fell in love with, with the only difference being he’ll actually listen and won’t engage in the frustrating problem behaviors.

How do you permanently change a dog’s behavior?

We treat the dog, not the “bad” behavior. Even though other trainers might make your dog stop barking or whining using harsh punishment or threats, the dog will still feel the fear and anxiety that caused the problems in the first place. This just leads to even more problems down the road. Instead, we teach your dog to change its attitude and thought processes so the dog feels calm and happy at a fundamental, holistic level. Then the bad behavior dissolves on its own.

Will the training from the trainer transfer to the owner?

The commands and new rules your dog will learn will absolutely transfer to your home. In fact, the commands often work even better with you than with the trainer.
We also do what’s called Immersion Training. We give your dog lessons in the park, on the sidewalk, in stores, and many other places so your dog keeps its training in every environment. That way,  your dog can go anywhere while consistently staying calm, relaxed and obedient.
“Melanie is amazing! She is an absolutely amazing trainer! The gift she has given our family with our dog, Bella, being part of the family instead of always staying at home is really priceless.”
-Erika W.

What different training packages do you offer?

We offer private training lessons (with you and your dog present) as well as an 18-day boarding program in which your dog will stay with Melanie and work with her team every day.
During the boarding program, your dog will un-learn its problem behavior while learning new commands that will seamlessly transfer to your household. At this stay-away “doggy college,” your dog will earn lots of treats, get lots of exercise, and have lots of opportunities to socialize with other dogs (while supervised closely). 

What if the training doesn’t work?

First, this VERY rarely happens unless your dog has a neurological disorder that makes learning extra difficult. In the rare case that the training doesn’t stick, you’ll get unlimited extra help from Melanie and her trainers for the life of your dog, free of charge.

What happens at the Free Evaluation?

The evaluation takes about 1 hour and can be done at a local park in the Gastonia area or at your own home, wherever you’re more comfortable. We’ll see how you and your dog interact and also give you some pointers about what you are most likely doing wrong that results in the bad behavior.
After treating 500+ dogs, we can identify the problematic cause and effect almost instantly. We’ll also demo some quick commands and show you that your dog does know how to listen, it just takes the right approach.
With your evaluation, you’ll walk away with a priceless “Aha!” moment: you’ll have a personalized game plan of exactly what needs to be done to correct your dog’s behavior. We’ll also tell you more about our training options.

How fast will we see results?

Instantly! While your dog is away at camp, you'll get daily text and video updates so you can see his progress. You're also welcome to stop by and say hi! Most clients can hardly believe that their unruly dog can go through such an incredible transformation so fast. 
"Our dog Sophie was an overnight student at the Dog Wizard while we were on vacation, and Melanie did fabulous things with Sophie. She came home a different dog -- still the happy people loving lab but without the jumping and pulling that she had used before to show her affection. Melanie took her great places to socialize the training including hiking at Crowder's Mountain. I think Sophie had as good a "vacation" as we did! Melanie posted updates on Facebook everyday so we knew Sophie was having a good time and learning a lot too. We are so pleased with our Dog Wizard experience."
-Jennifer B

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