A Science-Backed Solution To Erase The Annoying Habits From Your Dog In Just 3 Weeks!

From Melanie Perry, “The Dog Wizard of Gastonia”

We can help with:

  • Aggression toward people or animals
  • Digging, chewing, and property destruction
  • Separation anxiety
  • Impulse control
  • Leash pulling
  • Learning commands and obedience

“Why won’t my dog learn!?”

After being a full-time dog trainer for 8 years, I’ve seen (and helped!) just about every type of dog through every type of problem imaginable.

With a lot of love, as well as consistency, structure, and a thorough understanding of dog psychology, I’m able to help dogs make dramatic changes in about 18 days with a near-perfect success rate.
That means:
  • You’ll be able to take your dog more place – like beaches, parks and restaurants – without worrying about him going nuts or getting aggressive.
  • No more bracing people before theyvisit your house.
  • No more endless frustration and worry about your dog’s reactions to things. Your dog can become a calm, confident, friendly member of the family.

Melanie's 5-Point Approach To Dog Training

1. I believe in loving the dog, first and foremost. I work with every dog personally and love them as if my own. (Yes, I am a “crazy dog lady.”)

2. I believe in immersion training. That means I won’t just help your dog learn commands in one controlled location; we’ll go all over town and practice. Your dog has to listen to you in all environments no matter how much stimulation is around, whether it’s the back yard or the beach.

3. I recognize dogs should be treated like dogs – not people. Lots of owners love their dogs so much they treat them like human children. This confuses the dog and makes it unsure about its place in the family. In a well-adjusted family, dogs feel like dogs while respecting their human owner.

4. I treat the dog, not the behavior. Lots of trainers consider it a “success” as soon as the dog stops its problem behavior, whether that’s barking, aggression or leash-pulling. However, this sort of training just masks the anxiety underneath, and eventually the problem behavior comes back worse than ever. Instead, I teach the dog how to BE calm…. not just act calm.

5. I’m dedicated to the dog, not the paycheck. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a family give up their dog because they can’t fix its bad habits. If your dog needs extra help after the training period, or if there’s anything not quite right by the time we’re done, I’ll keep working with your pup free of charge.

Oftentimes, I’m the 2nd or 3rd trainer a dog owner has visited and I can get it right when everyone else fails!

And I’d love to help you for free.

We’ll set up an evaluation meeting so I can see how you and your dog interact. After helping hundreds of dogs, just playing with y’all for 15 or 20 minutes will give me some deep insight into the causes of your dog’s unique problems.

I’ll pull back the curtain and tell you exactly how I’d help your dog, and why I’d use that certain strategy. You’ll walk away with a priceless “Aha!” moment: you’ll get a complete picture of why your dog is having problems and what you can do to fix it!

Other trainers are charging $50-$200 for this type of advice.

I’m happy to give it away for free.

From there, it’s totally up to you if you’d like more of my help or if you’d like to put my advice to use yourself. :)
The form on the next page will ask you a few brief questions about your dog.
I'll contact you soon after and we'll set up our time to meet. :)

Still thinking it over? Here’s more proof:

Like Lucy, the little Papillion who whined so loudly when she was left alone in her tiny apartment that the neighbors complained. After I helped her, she was cool and confident and could even be trusted overnight.

Or Patton, the German shepherd-lab mix. His owners were worried they’d have to put him down after he bit a neighbor. They felt embarrassed and ashamed. Within just 4 weeks, Patton had turned a new leaf and was peaceful even around strangers.

Or I could never forget Gizmo, the border collie who barked at everything that moved and pulled on her leash non-stop. When I first met her, her owners were on the brink of re-homing her, thinking she was just not fit for suburban live. After eliminating her bad habits with a few weeks of 1-on-1 training, she’s everyone’s best friend and is calm, confident and quiet.

"Melanie at Dog Wizard is the epitome of the BEST Dog Trainer ever!! Our dog completed the 2-week boarding program & like promised, Melanie has been there for him (& us) ever since." -Bridgett
"When our dog Sasha returned home from the two week training program, her behavior did a 180. Her reaction to people is completely different now. She shows excitement toward new people with a happy rear-end wiggle, rather than a bark and a snarl." -Brian
"I can't say enough about the trainers at DW. One other thing that really stuck with me was that these dogs REALLY respect this discipline." -Rebecca
"Melanie at the Dog Wizard is fantastic. She listened to what we wanted and tailored her training to our needs. My sweet puppy came home with the ability to listen to and follow commands." -Sally
Your dogs bad behaviors CAN be fixed... quickly, easily, and affordably.
I'd love to show you the solution you've been looking for!
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Thanks, and talk to you soon!
-Melanie Perry, Dog Wizard

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