How To Take Back Control And Make Your Dog Actually LISTEN!

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Your dog has an impulse and goes for it, ignoring everything else
  • You know you should be doing something to improve your dog’s behavior but you just don’t have the time or patience
  • You have to brace guests before they come over because your dog can’t handle it (or maybe you can’t have guests at all!)
  • “MY dog? In public? HA!”

There’s A Calm, Happy Pup Inside Your Unruly Dog

What if instead of locking your dog in your house, he came to parks, events and restaurants with you? And what if he stayed calm by your side the whole time?

What if your dog was more confident and friendly at home and out in public?

What if he actually listened?

What if dog training wasn’t some big mystery… and you could put your dog into an easy program, give him the help he needs, and not just have a “good dog,” but also have a friendly, social best friend who could go with you anywhere?

Wouldn’t that mean a better life for both you AND your dog?

You’d do just about anything for family. When something’s not right, you have the sense to fix it. Isn’t your dog part of the family?

IntroducingThe Dog Wizard

Even when other trainers fail, or your dog just refuses to listen, I can help you reverse the behavior in just a matter of weeks – not months or years.

Melanie, The Dog Wizard Of Gastonia, NC

> Live, 1-on-1 training that fixes your dog’s specific issue – whether it’s leash-pulling, aggression, anxiety, or just good old-fashioned bad manners.

> Dog-Owner coaching that will show you how to pick up where I leave off and makes sure the training sticks with your dog for good!

> A fun, friendly approach that improve your dog’s behavior without dampening his unique personality.

> Think your dog is weird, stubborn, or untrainable? Think again! After training over 400 dogs I’ve seen it all. If your dog can't handle certain situations – or certain people – the solution may be easier than you think.

Why Nothing Has Worked In The Past

You’ve tried home-training. Maybe even worked with a dog trainer before. But nothing stuck. Why is that?

First, it's NOT your fault! If you blame yourself you'll only get more frustrated, and dogs don't come with instruction booklets!

In my 8 years working with dogs, I see the same missteps over and over:

1. Lack of consistency. Even smart pet owners think they are being consistent when they aren’t. In reality, they are giving their dog mismatched cues without even realizing it.Without knowing what to look for, you’ll mess up!

2. Not enough stimulation. When people see this, they think “oh, that means I need to walk my dog more.” This isn’t necessarily true. Giving a dog mental stimulation for 20 minutes can be just as effective as a 2-hour walk (and it doesn't leave your dog even more hyper at the end)!

3. A dog hasn’t “found its place in the pack.From separation anxiety to aggression, having a confused dog leads to all sorts of problems. Sometimes it’s not even the human's fault, either: taking a dog too early from its litter or having negative experiences growing up, like in the case of rescue dogs, can dramatically hamper a pup’s development.

How am I so sure I can help your dog?

There is a ton of and shoddy pet advice out there. So I totally get your hesitance.
But our Dog Wizard program is based on the results of training countless dogs – many of them were once called “untrainable” too.
That’s what makes me so sure that my training will work with any dog… including yours!
Click the purple button and we'll set up a time to visit your dog and give you a specialized diagnosis of what your dog needs to improve.
You're welcome to take my advice and put it to use yourself, 100% Free :)
"We Love the Dog Wizard! For a year we did nothing but walk our dog up and down the street in front of our house. We were always worried about Otis seeing other dogs and reacting where we could not control him. After his 18 day stay and working with his trainer Melanie he came home a new dog. We can now take long walks with Otis with confidence. Working with Melanie was wonderful!"

-From Trish and her rottweiler Otis

A Happier Family And A More Peaceful Home

Even before you stumbled onto this page, you’ve been thinking about what to do about your dog for a while. Is this “just the way things are?"

No way!

You already know how great you’d feel and how much more relaxed your family would be if you got this issue fixed…

“Problem behaviors” will be un-trained and eliminated…

Anxiety will be replaced by calm obedience…

And your dog can go more places, meet more people, and just have an all-around better life with you.

Take The Shortcut To A
Happier, More Lovable Dog.

Sure, you could go this alone. Read books and books about dog psychology, conditioning and different types of trainings. Read up on the “dog whisperer” gurus. Then sit your dog down every afternoon, piece together some lessons, and hope for the best.

But is that really a good investment of your time?

Wouldn’t it be easier if you got your free evaluation, skipped all that toil and research, and fast-tracked your dog’s progress with a program scientifically proven to improve your dog’s behavior, the fastest way possible?

I’m a dog trainer because I love dogs – A LOT. I may be the biggest dog person you’ve ever met. And the last thing I want to see happen is you going through all that effort and end up right back where you are right now – unhappy and still looking for that quick fix, while you and your dog stay stressed out and frustrated. All while the answer is right in front of you.

My Training Philosophy

I’ve been in this amazing industry for 8 years and I’ve helped over 400 dogs. Many of their owners were on their very last straw. It was heart-wrenching to hear things like, “if this doesn’t work, we have to get rid of her.”

That’s why I’m obsessed with helping dogs improve and become more sociable, comfortable, and happy.

It’s my philosophy that if the training doesn’t work everywhere, the training doesn’t work, period.

So if “sit” and “heel” work at home, but all hell breaks loose on a busy sidewalk, then we still have work to do! That’s why I take the dogs all over town, inside, outside, loud places, crowded places… and make sure that the new training is enforced everywhere.

Still thinking it over? Here’s more proof:

Like Lucy, the little Papillion who whined so loud when she was left alone in her tiny apartment that the neighbors complained. After I helped her, she was cool and confident and could even be trusted overnight.

Or Patton, the German shepherd-lab mix. His owners were worried they’d have to put him down after he bit a neighbor. They even walked him with a muzzle, feeling embarrassed and ashamed. Within just 4 weeks, Patton had turned a new leaf and was peaceful even around strangers.

Or I could never forget Gizmo, the border collie who barked at everything that moved and pulled on her leash non-stop. When I first met her, her owners were on the brink of re-homing her, thinking she was just not fit for suburban live. After eliminating her bad habits with a few weeks of 1-on-1 training, she’s now everyone’s best friend and is calm, friendly and quiet.
...And you can find out exactly what I would do to help your unique dog.
You can take my advice and do it yourself, or even pay someone else to do it if you want.
But the worst thing is doing nothing at all.
Thanks, looking forward to talking soon :)
Melanie Perry, Gastonia Dog Wizard